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Case Studies

These are real people’s experiences who have given us permission to publish their story on our site. DenSureFit® solved or improved their loose denture problems until they could visit their dentist for a professional reline.

Please note that this product is intended for temporary use only. If your dentures are loose, please see a dentist as soon as you can.


Sheila had dentures for a year before using DenSureFit. Within that first ...
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Grant is a fit, active and athletic man with a wife and ...
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Case Study: Deborah has had dentures for 7 years, but stopped wearing her ...
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Bill has been wearing dentures since 1957. “That’s a long time to ...
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Cheryl started wearing dentures in 2013. At first, they fit, but as ...
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Kathryn has been wearing her upper denture since 2008. At the time ...
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Robin had been wearing dentures for 10 years before she started using ...
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Mary had her dentures for only one month when she started using ...
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Steve had his dentures for 3 years when he started using DenSureFit. ...
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Teri had been wearing dentures for 7 years when she tried DenSureFit. ...
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