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Maybe you can’t change the fact that you have dentures, but you CAN change the way you live with them! These people did!

“I’m a long-distance truck driver. Know how hard it was to clean glue out of my denture in a public bathroom or in my truck?”

“WOW! This is how my teeth should have fit twenty-five years ago!”

“This IS the BEST product for ANY denture wearer!”

DenSureFit is on like any other denture product because it’s made with silicone! The silicone feels soft and comfortable against my gums and provides real suction rather than gooey cream so I can chew all types of foods with ease. For me, it’s finally eliminated the need for an adhesive and I get much better results. As a busy mom, it’s so nice to skip that messy application process and the time involved in trying to remove the adhesive from my gums and dentures at night. Now, with DenSureFit, the only step I have to do is to put my denture in and DenSureFit keeps them in! I love that simplicity because now I can easily rinse them between meals (something that is not practical with adhesive pastes because the removal is such a hassle). There’s no way I would go back to the adhesive routine because now Science and Technology have created something so much better!


Baltimore, MD

Best 50 bucks I’ve ever spent! Just to give you an insight into how spending $50 on DenSureFit has worked out for me cost wise… I’ve had my DenSureFit in my denture for 4 months now and it’s still doing its job! That cost is about $3 a week to have comfortable dentures… no sores, no glue. I’m able to eat again and speak clearly without worry. It’s easy to use and has changed my miserable situation into a happier, tolerable one.


Phoenix, AZ

DenSureFit has given me a whole new outlook on life. I’m a 2-time cancer survivor and am allergic to many things, especially denture adhesive. My teeth wouldn’t stay in without it. Now I use DenSureFit and don’t need adhesive anymore.

Throughout my struggles with cancer, I thought I was used to pain and discomfort… until I got dentures. Boy did they hurt! DenSureFit has taken that pain away! They don’t hurt anymore. Without my DenSureFit, I would not be able to eat, work or even smile. Now I can eat and smile with confidence again!


San Diego, CA

50 bucks saved my life! I’ve been afflicted with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Lupus which means that I don’t produce saliva or tears. Wearing my dentures was like having gravel in my mouth because denture adhesive would dry up right away.

And then came along my life saver, DenSureFit. DenSureFit is a life changer for those of us who do not make their own saliva. Not only do I now have the best hold ever, but it feels like I have a soothing gel in my mouth.

Do not hesitate! $50 saved my life!


Ft. Meyers, FL

DenSureFit has saved me so much money, time and energy that I will never use denture adhesive again!

My dentist did soft reline after soft reline and could never get that tight snug fit that everyone else gets after a soft reline… until I discovered DenSureFit!

I was so excited to get mine in the mail the 1st time and I was not disappointed. I applied a Snug-up Application to the terrible soft dentist reline and the fit was amazing!

After that, I was able to wear my denture without any adhesive and didn’t have to worry about it coming loose in public or while eating.

Before DenSureFit, I would have to take my denture out at night and clean all the adhesive off. If I wanted a snack after that, I would have to reapply adhesive and go through the entire cleaning process again. Thanks to DenSureFit, I can take it out, clean it and pop it right back in without having to worry about the time-consuming clean-up of adhesive. Thank you DenSureFit!


Minneapolis, MN

I got my dentures in somewhere around 2008. I have never been in for a Reline, and they have never quite fit right. I always assumed that was how they are, and just assumed that Denture adhesive is sold for this reason…part of the “punishment” of having dentures.

When I found DenSureFit, my life changed. No more do I have to scrape glue from the roof of my mouth, or just tolerate loose fitting dentures. No appointment, I took care of it at home, at my convenience.

I can eat things now that I couldn’t before, without worry or concern. They fit with a seal and suction that gives great confidence.

I cannot imagine going back to a life without DenSureFit. Thank you!!!


Durango, CO, 60 something

I drive a semi-truck for a living and am on the road for weeks at a time. DenSureFit has been a godsend!

Do you realize how difficult to clean glue out of my denture every night in a public bathroom or in my truck? I used to spend 30 minutes every evening scraping glue out of my mouth and dentures.

With DenSureFit, I just give my denture a quick soak and light brushing and I’m done! No more sticky glue issues after a long day of driving!

DenSureFit sure makes this trucking life easier.


I want to thank you for giving me back my smile.

I was a young adult when I received my lower denture and the upper a few years later.
They never fit right. They really hurt. Chewing was impossible. I rarely wore them. I lived that way for over twenty years.

I had a bad abscess, so I went to the clinic. Their x-ray showed I had a root still embedded in my upper jaw. After healing, my dentures really needed to be relined desperately.

I glued them in each day for another 2 years with over-the-counter adhesive. I even tried over-the-counter reliners. The over-the-counter reliner got so hard in my denture that I could not even get it out. Like cement. So, I just left it in my denture and put glue over it.

Then I found out about DenSureFit. I took part in a focus group trial where they let me try it out. So easy. I made the appointment. WOW…. everyone was so nice. Very friendly. They scraped out all the hard reliner, cleaned, washed and dried my dentures.

They added DenSureFit into my dentures and placed them into my mouth. I waited while the silicone set-up. Then they trimmed a little excess silicone off the front and back. Then, WOW! I was so surprised!

I no longer have to eat blended food. I had a steak that night…. the first one in years. And with NO GLUE!

After a few months, they got a little loose. I expected this, because they told me it might happen. The DenSureFit had allowed the inflammation in my gums to go down.

I put a little more DenSureFit right on top of my first DenSureFit liner, right in my own home.

WOW! This is how my teeth should have fit twenty-five years ago!

I now wear my dentures all day. No glue.
I eat what I want.
My smile is not crooked! It was my teeth!
Speaking is so easy and clear now.
I can even whistle again!
And I look much younger.

Thank you SO MUCH!


Eugene, OR

I would like to begin this testimonial by saying this IS the BEST product for ANY denture wearer! I was given the opportunity to try out DenSureFit by OTC Dental, who asked me to keep a log of my experience. There is much more to my log, but here are some snippets of my experience. I hope this product changes your life as much as it did mine!

MARCH 2015
My journey began almost two years ago. I had recently experienced being a NEW denture wearer. I hated it! I was a recluse. Even though I had new teeth I was unable to feel like I had any! I tried EVERY adhesive or pads to be able to be social. I DO remember one day I had to sneeze and my teeth flew across the room. I KNEW I was doomed!

I was lucky enough to find this product through OTC Dental. What a blessing! They came to my home. I was NOT going into public. They were extremely considerate of what I was experiencing. Shame of judgement of others. Shame because I had NO teeth! Scared to each any food that wasn’t soft. Fear that the pain would remain. No social life. I am an extremely social creature so that is hard. Couldn’t go to work to be scared my teeth would fall out. Frightened to even have a business meeting because others thought I had a speech defect! PURE HELL!

I had many many sore spots in my gums. I was at wits end. Each return to the dentist was more and more agonizing. I was unable to go into public, unable to join any friends for dinner or even unable to date. Let’s give it a try.

MAY 2015
The inflammation on my gums has gone down since I’ve been using DenSureFit. But the fact that I can add the product over itself and fill in those indentations of the gums…..this stuff is great! For the FIRST time since losing my teeth I can go into PUBLIC! I even joined friends for a dinner. OMG what a joy!

JULY 2015
I’ve been dating someone for a while and SHE wants to take it up to a new level. NO friggin way! What if in a moment my teeth fell out? I’m afraid to even kiss! The old fear of the loose dentures and trying to clean adhesive out without the other one knowing I have dentures…… Guess I’ll have to try this out sooner or later.

NOV. 2015
Holiday time and the test, Festive dinners. The holidays are here and this is the TEST for the product.
I have learned exactly what works for me. I understand we are all different. That is the beauty of this product. Works for everyone. ONE SIZE REALLY DOES FIT ALL !
Make no mistakes on what kind of person I am. STRONG female who takes ZERO prisoners. I have run this product thru everything I possibly can! The next step is to wear them longer. Working on this thru the season. Social holidays. I finally can work and speak.

JAN 2016
Wow all I can say is wow. Thru the holidays without any issues. This product is great.

I did forget one IMPORTANT fact……..this peels off in one effortless second when you want to change it out, with no daily scraping or maintenance! NO scraping it off your gums or denture. No need to remove this every night.

Put it in your cup…….and when you put your dentures in your mouth again, the comfort is still there. NO reapplying over and over. Every friggin day! You can clean your dentures every evening without removing it! Think about it…. the time and hell of everyday removing it and reapplying that other crap every day!

Don’t even get me started on the costs! I had all the OTHER goopy stuff lying in a pile under my bathroom sink. Now I have ONE product under my sink. I KNOW it works!

No frightening moments. NO fear of eating. Everyone seems to understand what I am saying.

Now my BIGGEST fear……..spending the night with my girlfriend. OMG. Trust me you will hear about this. Will let you know what is happening.
I am still playing with a few things here. Trying to figure out what the longest length of time this product can last in my mouth before I peel it out and reapply a fresh liner.

APRIL 2016
Found out a friend has just got some dentures. I am going to turn her on to this to see if she thinks about it the same way that I do.

My gums are now healed……….after so long constantly suffering with sore gums! Now I have the ability to restructure this silicone in a new way. Let’s see if this works. Time will tell. I have a few issues with getting it right as my mouth settles into its new shape. I’m figuring out that I need to adjust how I apply it as my mouth changes.

BTW…..I DID have a lovely evening with my g/f. She still didn’t know I had false teeth. YEAH!!!!!! NO issues………NO running into a bathroom and locking the door to fix these things. WHEW!!!

JULY 2016
I am so happy to use this product. It has really helped me through many issues we denture wearers suffer with.
No food particles under the denture. They aren’t slipping out.
Funny how I can clock others who wear dentures. I know the signs …….lol.
I want to run to them and say ……WAIT!! something so great and wonderful is coming!

I LOVE this product! I can NOT live without it! IF you wear dentures……….THIS will help bring your life back to normal.
A true test was made this month. I went to New Orleans and partied like hell. Actually, I really REALLY partied….drunk as hell. The following morning my teeth were still in my mouth. LOL Damn happy too. The OTHER denture friend was with me. She videoed me as I acted like a fool. I watched it back when I got home. I paid special attention to what my mouth looked like. Again…………..the product did NOT fail me. I had worn my dentures all day and thru the evening with ZERO issues. My g/f joined us and she still has NO clue I wear dentures. LOL……lovin it.

Test time again. My X-mas party. They usually consist of 100 guests or more.
I can’t possibly put this product to ANY more tests! I have been as hard on the product as possible. I have tried to find something wrong or out of whack. Nothing yet. Nothing. Think about it…. nothing.
I have noticed my gums are shrinking more. I am told that is normal. I have had my dentures for almost 2 years now with NO reline. Oh happy day!
My denture friend tells me she can now be intimate with her boyfriend. She does not have to worry about her dentures a bit. I am happy she can satisfy her partner. Nice holiday gift to her…….lol.
The party went off with ZERO denture issues. The good food and drinks……….LOTS of conversation! NOT ONE person had any clue I was in dentures.

I won’t go without THIS product.

I will begin by thanking OTC Dental……. Tom and Juliette for saving me from shame and disappointment of my dentures….through DenSureFit.

Before I started using this product, I had lost all hope of working again. I KNEW I was doomed to eat soft foods. NO social life at all. Al the crap I tried either made my dentures slip (that was the wafers) ….. I can’t even begin to share the hell of the adhesive CREAM. Oh hell……that crap gets everywhere. Drains down your throat……made me gag! When I removed my dentures, I had to peel it off my gums. Not to mention cleaning that crap off my teeth, WASTE of MONEY………..A LOT. I can wear this product for 12 weeks. After that, I am a clean freak and want to peel it off and do an extensive cleaning.

When I used denture adhesives and creams, I found no difference between them, no matter who made it. Those other products…. they all have their issues. DenSureFit has none of those issues.

I promise and challenge ANY denture wearer to find fault with this product! I am confident to say this because I KNOW this works. My sore spots healed very quickly.

This is the closest product you will find to securing your dentures…..to help you regain a normal life. To have NO fear of laughing, speaking or eating food. You will be amazed as to what peace of mind you will find in this.

The money that I spent on other products was off the hook. NO longer…..this is affordable. It lasts! Worth every cent, trust me. NOT to mention what it does for my esteem and confidence. Can’t thank OTC Dental enough for developing this product and bringing it to me.

I can’t even begin to thank the researchers enough for helping me through a difficult time. Once you try the product ONE TIME, you will never return to what you have been using!

Thanks DenSureFit…. you have brought my life back!


Las Vegas, NV, 50 something

Dear Juliette,

May our Lord Jesus Christ fill you with His peace and Joy and may He prosper the work of your soul and your hands!!!

Wanted to send you our personal opinion of your miracle product, “DenSureFit”

Like many elderly people growing up in a far different society, I was raised on good ole “Polish” down-on-the-farm food. No one said to stay away from sugar; for goodness sakes the more sugar you put in the Polish Sweet Bread, the better it tasted and the more people wanted it. Then there was the factor, genetically speaking, my teeth were always a wee bit on the soft side.

Being a missionary, dentists were not that readily available. If a toothache happened, well, you prayed more and if you could find a “clove” you started dancing for joy. The clove would help in the relief of the pain. From time to time a dentist would arrive, well, that is the name he called himself. He was capable of only pulling teeth, not so great on fixing them as he brought his attitude of “It’s a waste of time to fix ‘em and don’t have much of it.” So as all my back teeth were yanked out of my mouth, my front teeth started moving around, they screamed “Look how much room we have, let’s do a jig.”

Years passed, and age piled on, that is something you can never get rid of! It’s hard enough to lose 1 lb., but you can never lose 1 year! I was blessed to be called to Washington State for a short mission. There was a real gosh ‘n golly white coat and a real honest to goodness Dentist. He even used Novocain!!! Glory Halleluiah!!! Since he was a good friend of the Sisters his services were free!!! How we thanked God for such a blessing. He went to work and pulled all the top teeth out and on that very day he placed some shiny new Dentures in.

They worked fine for a while, but as my gums calmed down and the swelling went down, well, needless to say, something happened to the fit. Reverend Mother has a wee concussion because my teeth flew out as I was laughing one evening at dinner!!!!

I used Polident, Fixodent you name it — and these products worked for a while. (May I add, Polident was better than Fixodent.) But the struggles and time spent messing with it, especially getting the dentures out – well, I was always late for something, just like “Maria” in The Sound of Music. Wonder if she had dentures? (I digress) Ha! Ha!

I was transferred back to Arkansas with my new dentures, and empty change purse. The dentists here are located at a far distance away, and their prices were astronomical!

I tried almost every product there is, and nothing worked, so I gathered the Sisters and said, “Let’s storm heaven!” By golly…..as always…prayer is the key and God in His goodness answered those prayers! I can almost see in my mind’s eye the angels laughing as I was praying toothless! What a sight!!!

How did God answer? This is remarkable. A little reminder, we are Sisters…Nuns, we do not know anything about social media and it is a big accomplishment for us that we even know how to turn on the computer and find the internet. We are not “surfers”! All I did was put in, “What makes dentures stay in your mouth?” And up came…”DenSure Fit”. We scrolled down and found a number and called! From the moment I ordered the product and used it, my Dentures fit and they work!

The first pair of dentures which I was given, as we later found out, were only “temporary”. From Juliette I heard about Mr. Klein, who makes dentures via the mail. Because of my delicate choking reflex, Mr. Klein suggested the horseshoe denture. Wow! No more gagging or choking!!! Miracles abound.

Once again, I am new to all of this. And my gums changed again after I wore the horsehoe upper denture for a time. And it was Tom and Juliette who helped walk me through the application of DenSureFit in the horseshoe denture! How wonderful to have Dentures that allow me to smile, sing, talk and eat!!!

Around here, SINCE THIS WONDER PRODUCT IS SIMPLY A MIRACLE we wanted to change the name of the product, to:


It is so easy to put in, and once you put DenSureFit in, it’s over. No more applying this, that or the other! From that day on, wake up and put those dentures in. They feel comfortable and snug! No mess, no fuss. Unbelievable as it may sound, they come out without struggle and there is no scrubbing the roof of your mouth to remove what used to be “yucky residue”!

All the Sisters are so happy that my dentures are in! Now I can lead prayer instead of being late for them!!!

I put my Dentures in, with DenSureFit applied, and I am off to do what God has called me to do, smiling all the way!!!!

May God bless you all!

Sister Mary Francis
Franciscan Servants of the Gospel

Sister Mary Francis

St. Joe, AR, 60 something


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© 2019-2022 DenSureFit and OTC Dental.

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IMPORTANT! DenSureFit is not a substitute for a professional reline from your dentist. It is for temporary use only until a dentist can be seen. Long-term use of this product and similar products may lead to bone loss, continuing irritation, sores or other problem. NOT FOR USE on flexible nylon-based denture bases such as Flexite® or Valplast.®

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