TRUST DenSureFit®. Because you know your mouth best.

No need to keep your mouth shut.

Is this a denture adhesive?

NO. This is a new and innovative soft reline system to make your dentures snug without the hassle of daily application and removal of adhesive. Use instead of adhesive.

Does this product need to be applied and removed daily?

NO. Unlike adhesives that require daily application and removal, this product, when properly applied and cared for, can stay in your denture for months, depending on your individual circumstance. Always follow your dentist’s advice.

When should I change/replace this product?

This product is a temporary solution to help keep your denture snug between relines. You should clean your relined denture daily. Change your DenSureFit liner periodically to minimize build-up of bacteria. Always follow your dentist’s advice.

Will this product leave a bad taste in my mouth?

NO. This product is tasteless and odorless. Also, there is NO thermo-chemical reaction, unlike other brands of over-the-counter reliners.

Will I have to use denture adhesive along with this product?

For many wearers, DenSureFit eliminates the need for denture adhesive. This depends on the starting fit of the denture.

For other wearers (those with extremely loose dentures, shallow palates with heavy bone loss or tissue retraction, or unique situations), a small amount of adhesive on top of DenSureFit may be used to achieve an improved fit.

How do I clean my newly relined denture?

Always consult your dentist. Recommendation: To prolong the life of your new silicone liner and to prevent build-up of bacteria, clean your denture daily with a shorter soak denture cleaner. Brush gently with a denture brush. Rinse.

How do I store my DenSureFit denture?

Always consult your dentist. Recommendation: After cleaning your denture, store it in a clean air-tight plastic container or denture container with a clean, moist paper towel. Change the paper towel daily to avoid bacteria build-up.

Is this product sticky like an adhesive?

NO. This product self-cures to a soft, supple, but sturdy silicone.

Is this product permanent?

NO. This is a temporary product that adheres to your denture. Leave in for the length of time you desire and simply peel it out when you wish to remove it.

Can I apply MORE silicone on top of the silicone?

YES. DenSureFit silicone can be reapplied on top of itself, if needed. If your denture gets a little loose after your initial DenSureFit application, apply more silicone on top of your clean, dry DenSureFit liner. Refer to the Instructions Sheet “FINE-TUNING and MAINTENANCE” technique.

Do not reapply primer on top of the silicone. Only re-apply primer to any parts of the hard denture base which may not have been previously covered by silicone.

Can I use an adhesive with this product?

YES. If you need extra-securing, you may use adhesive (powder or cream) on top of your DenSureFit liner. Try to use the minimum amount of adhesive necessary to make it stable.

How many relines will one box of DenSureFit supply?

One box is designed to reline one upper denture. Because each denture wearer’s situation is unique, results will vary between individuals.

Does DenSureFit contain zinc?

NO, this product does not contain zinc.

I’ve used up both silicone applicators on my denture. It is still not snug. What should I do?

If your denture is still not snug after applying 2 applicators of silicone, it is important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible for his recommendation. In the meanwhile, you may apply denture adhesive on top of you DenSureFit silicone liner for a better fit until that visit.

I just relined my denture with DenSureFit. The silicone is separating or lifting from my denture. Why?

If, shortly after you reline your denture, your DenSureFit liner has lifted, this could be the cause of the two issues below. If, after weeks or months, your silicone starts lifting, this is most likely from normal wear. Replace when/if this happens.

a. The denture may not have been perfectly clean and dry. Ensure your denture is perfectly clean and dry. Before you begin your reline, soak your denture with a denture cleanser and brush with a denture brush. Examine and feel your denture carefully to make sure there is no residue left from adhesive or other over-the-counter reline products. LEAVE ON any dentist-applied tissue conditioner or reline.
SOLUTION: Peel out DenSureFit liner and repeat ENTIRE application procedure, carefully following each step of the Instructions. (Do not re-use primer sponge-tip stick applicator. Use a fresh one.)

b. The primer may have not been properly applied. When applying primer on top of the hard denture base, ensure that no spots are missed. Also, apply primer slightly over the front ridge and along back edge. If you miss these places, the silicone may lift. The silicone will not adhere to hard denture base without the primer.
SOLUTION: Peel out DenSureFit liner and repeat ENTIRE application procedure, carefully following each step of the Instructions. (Do not re-use primer sponge-tip stick applicator. Use a fresh one.)

At first, my denture was snug, but now it is a little loose again. What happened?

Even if your initial application of DenSureFit made your denture snug, some users may experience a little loosening a few days or weeks after. This is normal and anticipated. It is likely the result of decrease of inflammation on gums.

Sometimes, unknowingly, a denture wearer can have inflammation on their gums. After using DenSureFit, they may experience a reduction of inflammation which causes slight looseness. Reduction of inflammation is desirable. Users may experience reduction of inflammation after steady use of DenSureFit.

SOLUTION: Follow the “FINE-TUNING and MAINTENANCE” technique on the Instructions Sheet. Apply more silicone (as needed) on top of your previous DenSureFit application. Only re-apply primer over any areas of your hard denture base that may not have previously been covered by silicone. Do not apply primer on top of silicone.

Is DenSureFit easy to apply?

YES. This product takes a few minutes and 3 easy steps to apply. The innovative and patented self-mixing silicone applicator tip means NO messy, lumpy mixing for you. The applicator does all the work for you. It is doctor-created and doctor-used. As you become familiar with using DenSureFit, you will learn how to make it best work for you.


  • DenSureFit uses SILICONE, not adhesive. Our silicone liner provides SUCTION for a better fit, not stickiness. CUSTOMIZED suction is created when DenSureFit silicone self-cures on your denture while it MOLDS to the shape of your mouth. The silicone liner stays soft, supple and firm in your denture. Our silicone (vinyl polysiloxane) is the same soft reline material widely used by dentists for soft relines in their offices.
  • DenSureFit requires NO daily application or removal. Adhesives require daily (sometimes even multiple) application. Adhesive sticks to your gums, the roof of your mouth and your denture. Removal can be time-consuming and tedious requiring the user to scrape it off the roof of their mouth and scrub it out of the denture. DenSureFit stays in your denture for weeks or months, depending on the individual. DenSureFit is a self-curing silicone which conforms to the shape of your mouth and stays in your denture for weeks or months. Simply peel DenSureFit out when you wish to change it.
  • DenSureFit does not drip down the back of the throat. Adhesives can liquefy and drip down the back of the throat, especially after drinking warm liquids and eating. DenSureFit silicone does not change its state after curing. It stays soft, supple and firm in your denture no matter how much eating, drinking or speaking you do.
  • DenSureFit is dependable. With adhesives, your denture can become loose in the middle of meals and important occasions. Because it is a silicone and not an adhesive, DenSureFit stays put. The silicone stays soft, supple and firm through all your eating, drinking and speaking.

How is DenSureFit® DIFFERENT from other over-the-counter RELINERS?

  • DenSureFit uses SILICONE that stays soft and supple in your denture. It is the same type of silicone used widely be dentists for soft relines in their offices. Other products use a smelly powder and liquid which need to be hand-mixed. The liner can become hard in the denture making it uncomfortable and difficult to remove. DenSureFit stays soft and supple and peels out when you wish to remove it.
  • DenSureFit requires NO mixing. Other reliners require mixing of a liquid and a powder that can be messy and lumpy. DenSureFit’s innovative patented self-mixing applicator does the work for you. It mixes the smooth translucent pink silicone in the special mixing tip which you apply directly into your denture.
  • DenSureFit has no unpleasant taste or odor. Other products can have an unpleasant taste and odor. For some users of other over-the-counter reliners, that unpleasant lingering taste lasts for many hours or even days. DenSureFit is odorless and tasteless. Simply apply and enjoy your day!
  • DenSureFit has NO thermo-chemical heat reaction. Other products can cause burning sensation inside the mouth as it cures. This is because of a thermo-chemical heat reaction that takes place when their liquid and powder are mixed. Other over-the-counter reliners even suggest putting the solution into the freezer to “cool” it down before inserting into the mouth! Not so with DenSureFit. DenSureFit uses a special mixing tip to activate the silicone.