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An Amazing Breakthrough for Denture Wearers. A Soft Flexible Silicone Alternative to Denture Adhesive.


WHAT Is DenSureFit?

  • DenSureFit is a temporary soft denture reline kit designed to reduce or even eliminate the need for denture adhesive.
  • Use this product to temporarily improve the comfort and fit of your denture.
  • DenSureFit uses a natural-colored self-setting soft silicone.
  • As it cures, it adheres to your denture and conforms to your gums and roof of mouth.
  • This customized suction creates a fit that is tight and secure.


WHO Should Use DenSureFit?

  • denture wearers (full or partials) who are between professional relines and who normally use denture adhesive, cushions, pads or over-the-counter reliners
  • new denture wearers experiencing looseness as swelling subsides (Use DenSureFit only AFTER your dentist has inserted your tissue conditioner.)
  • people suffering from soreness on gums from dentures
© 2020 DenSureFit and OTC Dental. Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.
© 2020 DenSureFit and OTC Dental.

Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.

IMPORTANT! DenSureFit is not a substitute for a professional reline from your dentist. It is for temporary use only until a dentist can be seen. Long-term use of this product and similar products may lead to bone loss, continuing irritation, sores or other problem. NOT FOR USE on flexible nylon-based denture bases such as Flexite® or Valplast.®

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