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If you knew that a new denture product could make your life much easier, would you be willing to give it a try? Most people would answer this question in the affirmative, and we are happy to be able to tell you that our new denture product, DenSureFit, can save you time and provide you with a higher quality of life.

A lot of denture wearers use adhesives to help keep their dentures in place. These products are better than nothing, but they come with many different drawbacks. When it comes to the time factor, the adhesives must be applied daily, and sometimes multiple applications on the same day will be needed. In addition to this, there is the matter of cleaning up at the end of the day. The adhesive must be scraped off the gums, the roof of the mouth, and the denture itself, and this can be quite tedious.

Research has indicated that some of the denture adhesives that have been on the market contain zinc, and exposure to this element can potentially cause major reactions, including nerve damage. There is also the matter of the unsavory taste that you must contend with if you utilize denture adhesives. Finally, the whole point is to keep your denture in place when you are eating or talking, and adhesives are not always completely effective on this level.

These pitfalls will vanish if you switch to our new denture product. The DenSureFit soft reline is a silicone-based product, so there is no taste, and there are no odors. You do not have to apply the product to your denture every day, because a single application is intended to remain in place for months. This alleviates the need for the nightly scraping ritual.

The concept has nothing to do with essentially gluing the denture to the top of your mouth; it is much more advanced. This new denture product is based on a suction principle, so the denture stays firmly attached to your gum line. Many users can use DenSureFit and eliminate the use of denture adhesives entirely. Others are able to use it and decrease the amount of adhesive they use, and can switch from cream adhesives that are very difficult to remove from the gums, to powder adhesive, which is much easier to remove. Because of the firm but comfortable fit, you can now eat favorite foods that you weren’t able to eat before with total confidence.

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© 2019-2022 DenSureFit and OTC Dental. Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.
© 2019-2022 DenSureFit and OTC Dental.

Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.

IMPORTANT! DenSureFit is not a substitute for a professional reline from your dentist. It is for temporary use only until a dentist can be seen. Long-term use of this product and similar products may lead to bone loss, continuing irritation, sores or other problem. NOT FOR USE on flexible nylon-based denture bases such as Flexite® or Valplast.®

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