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Celebrating E-Day and New Teeth!
You researched the process of getting dentures. You celebrated your E-Day. You got through your first day of immediate dentures. You’re so happy to have your new teeth. You love your new smile. Everyone tells you how beautiful your new teeth are. Everything should be fantastic now.  New teeth mean that life is great, right?

fix my denturesNew teeth are not as great as I thought they would be!
The truth is, you probably wish you could whip them off the Empire State Building. They hurt. They’re way too big already. You have sore spots. You are frustrated and self-conscious…they’re for sure going to fly out of your mouth and everyone will stare. You’re tired of trying to figure out what to eat after having teeth pulled and dentures put in. It’s the immediate dentures pain nearly every new denture wearer experiences.

I hate adhesive!
And then, there’s the adhesives. The stuff tastes terrible. It drips down your throat. You’ve even had to give up your morning cup of java because it just dissolves the glue and makes that morning ritual of applying paste for nothing.  Forget about going out to eat with people. Your denture gets loose in the middle of the meal and you end up hiding out in the bathroom to glue them back in so you can finish your meal. It’s just not worth it.

Help me, Dentist!
You ask your dentist for help, but she just tells you to use more adhesive. So, you start scouring the internet for help. YouTube videos. Denture support groups. So much great info out there from denture wearers, but everyone’s situation is different. They talk about so many denture products. How do you know what is right for you? Who can you trust? What products can you trust? You’ve already spent a small fortune on your stockpile of adhesive and cleansers and you are not ready to waste more money.

fix you denturesFinally…first soft reline from my dentist
Then, it is finally time to get a soft reline from your dentist. Yay! This is going to make everything better… you think. Your mouth still tastes like a nail salon from your dentist’s reline, but it makes your dentures fit so much better. So far, so good.

But, this doesn’t last long. A week later, your denture is loose again and you’re back in the same boat. You cannot afford to go pay for a reline and your plan does not offer another for a few months.

Is there a better solution? Any relief? How does a new denture wearer keep their teeth snug and comfortable?

What is DenSureFit? Can it help me?
You see people on YouTube and Facebook raving about a product for dentures called DenSureFit. They say it has changed their lives. They say the “bonds of adhesive” have been broken with this product. Others say they still use a little adhesive powder over their liner, but they got rid of paste. You are tempted to try it, but is this product for you?

Yes! DenSureFit can help!
Absolutely. DenSureFit is a great solution to help keep new denture wearer’s teeth snug during that first year of constantly-changing, ever-shrinking gums. You can think of DenSureFit just like you think of a soft reline from your dentist, only you do it in your home with one of the best materials available to dentists. Better yet, you can do your own snug-ups far more often with DenSureFit than you probably would be able to get soft relines from your dentist.

Remember that DenSureFit is not a substitute for the dentist. You should still regularly visit your dentist to keep your dentures as snug as possible. DenSureFit is a remedy for loose dentures in between dentist visits.

Why do dentures get loose?
For the following discussion, we are going to assume that you have a properly-made denture. We will assume that the impression of your palate was a good one and that the palate of your denture fits the roof of your mouth exactly. If your impressions were off and your palate does not fit perfectly to the roof of your mouth, then you’ll have other issues besides the ones described here.

It’s your gums fault
After extractions, your gums no longer have the roots of your teeth to hold bone and tissue in place. So, the gums start changing shape and shrinking. As a result, your gums no longer fill up the trough and your denture becomes loose.

Your palate is innocent
The roof of your mouth (palate) does not change. The palate of your denture fits the same on day one as it fits years later. Your palate generally doesn’t contribute to denture looseness.

DenSureFit fix your denturesYour suction spot is key!
Dentures are designed to be held in the roof of your mouth through suction. Your suction spot is the highest, most rounded/curved part of your roof. When your gums completely fill your trough without any voids or pockets of air, your denture stays supported up in your suction spot.

All suction spots are not created equal, though. If you were blessed with a high rounded arch, thank your lucky stars because you should be able to get great suction. Flatter palates naturally might not be able to get good suction. Sometimes they cannot get any.

When your gums shrink, they no longer completely fill up the trough of your denture, and so your denture no longer stays supported in your suction spot. So, it wiggles, rocks, and sometimes even falls down.

You’ve gotta fill the voids in your trough! What will you use to keep it filled?
You need to fill your trough completely with something to keep your denture supported up in your suction spot. Many people try to fill up the voids in their trough, every single day, with adhesive. Yes, the paste can provide volume in the trough and stickiness to keep it up there, but then it liquifies when eating and drinking and drips down the throat all day. Plus, it is quite tedious to remove at bedtime. You can keep doing this adhesive ritual day after day, but is there a better option to fill up your trough? One that stays there for a while and sets you free from constantly gluing your teeth in?

Fill the voids with DenSureFit silicone!
DenSureFit silicone fills the voids in your trough so that your denture stays supported up in your suction spot. When you apply the silicone to your denture and then press it up into your suction spot, the silicone is forced to fill the voids and cures exactly where needed, to keep the denture supported there.

Make a new impression!
DenSureFit transforms the inside of your denture with a new impression of your mouth. The silicone makes a very thin layer over the palate, which allows it to stay snuggled tight in your suction spot. Every nook and cranny is filled and recorded on this new impression. More silicone gets deposited in the trough, where you need it to fill the voids. As the silicone cures in your mouth, it adheres to your denture and stays there until you remove it, weeks or months later. Because the silicone is a very light-weight impression material, you will have a fine, detailed impression of your mouth, which naturally makes for a better fit. The hard acrylic that your denture is made of is a heavy impression material. Heavy impression materials do not create such fine, detailed impressions like the DenSureFit silicone does. This is another reason why you may find that better suction is possible with DenSureFit on your denture than without it.

Create a new seal, like a new scuba mask
Think about a scuba mask or a snorkeling mask. If there are any cracks on the seal, if it does not fit the face of the wearer properly, or if it has any oily residue on it, it will let air and water in and they will not get suction. But, if it fits well and there are no breaks in the seal, air and water will be kept out and suction will occur. Think of your denture in the same way. You can use the DenSureFit silicone to create a seal all around the edges of your denture, keeping liquids, food, and air out, and your denture in!

fix ill-fitting dentures

Chase your looseness with DenSureFit. The silicone is build-able! Snug it up!
When your denture gets loose again (trust me, it will), you can simply add more silicone on top of your liner in the trough area to snug it back up. You do not need to remove your liner if it is in good condition. Before you add more silicone, check to make sure there are no tears or holes in your liner; that it is not lifting at the edges; that it is perfectly clean/bacteria-free; and that it is free of discoloration (nicotine can cause discoloration and deterioration).

Eventually, you will want to remove your liner and start from scratch again. The starting impression your gums make today will be quite different a couple months from now, and as you build the silicone, you might not get as good a fit as you did before. That means that it is time to remove it and start the process again. People tend to replace their liners 3-4 times per year. You may need to do it more often during your first-year post-extraction.

How much DenSureFit will you need?
You will most likely use your entire DenSureFit kit to get your initial fit. Medium looseness usually requires two applicators of silicone, which is one DenSureFit kit. After your initial fit, you will need more silicone to chase your looseness. How much silicone you will need will depend on how quickly your gums shrink and how large your voids are. Larger voids require more silicone. The rate that you shrink determines how often you will need to snug them up.

How long will this initial fit last?
It depends on how quickly your gums are shrinking. Could be a few days, a week or several weeks. You’ll have more shrinkage in your first few months of post-extraction. Eventually, the shrinking will slow down, and you will be able to go longer between snug-ups. You’ll use far less product after your first year than you will during that challenging first year.

How soon after my extractions can I use DenSureFit?
DenSureFit should not be used immediately following extractions. You will need to consult your dentist before using DenSureFit. Ask your dentist when your gums are healed well enough to be able to receive a soft reline. When your dentist says that your gums are healed sufficiently to be able to receive a soft reline, you are okay to use DenSureFit. Premature use of DenSureFit (or any other reliner) could disrupt the natural healing process of your sockets.

My dentist said I can use adhesive now. Does that mean I can use DenSureFit?
Being cleared for adhesive-use does not mean that you are also cleared for a soft reline. Adhesive-clearance usually comes before clearance for a soft reline. Adhesive and DenSureFit are two completely different types of products and should not be thought of or used in the same way. Always listen to your doctor!

Is DenSureFit difficult to apply? What if I don’t do it right or get a good fit?
DenSureFit is easy to apply. It also requires patience, preciseness, learning and sometimes trial and error. Even dentists had to learn how to perform a soft reline, and you will need to learn as well. I doubt that every single dentist got their first reline perfect on the first try. Chances are, they had to figure out what went wrong and had to fix it with a re-do. Chances are very high that you might get your first application right and get a great fit right off the bat.  Most people do! But, there is a possibility that you might not. And that’s okay! We get it! We offer amazing customer support to help you figure it out. So, don’t get mad…just contact us and we will help you out! If you’d like a team member to walk you through your application, just reach out. We are here to help you get the best fit possible. 😊

Will DenSureFit help with my soreness?
People describe DenSureFit in all kinds of ways.

“It’s like marshmallows hugging my gums!”

“It’s like a Tempurpedic mattress for denture!”

The bottom line is that when you have the softness and cushioning of the silicone hugging your gums instead of them constantly rubbing and hitting a hard acrylic surface, yes, DenSureFit sure does help relieve soreness!

dentures slipWill I be able to eat better?
Eating also becomes easier. You can bite and chew better when your dentures fit better, which means that you can eat a greater variety of foods.

Will I be able to take my denture in and out whenever I want?
Want to get up in the morning for a run before you start your day without having to go through the adhesive ritual? With DenSureFit, you will likely be able to. Pop those teeth right in and run out the door!

Do I still have to remove my denture at night?
As most dentists will advise, you should remove your denture at the end of your day to allow your mouth to recuperate and breathe. This is also true for your DenSureFit-lined denture.

How do I care for my DenSureFit-lined denture?
You can soak your denture in your denture cleanser as you normally would. While a denture brush is fine for the outside of your teeth, you should switch to a soft brush on your liner. Brush gently to avoid making tiny tears in your liner. Tears in your liner can allow bacteria and moisture to get in between your liner and your denture.

Will I still need to use adhesive after I reline my denture with DenSureFit?
Many people are able to go adhesive-free by using DenSureFit. If you do find yourself feeling like you need the extra security that adhesive offers, you will probably be able to switch from using pastes to powder adhesive, which most say is a huge improvement. Most report that powder adhesive sticks to the DenSureFit better than pastes, but it does not stick to their gums and roof of the mouth like pastes do.

Choose DenSureFit to travel this bumpy road with you
We hope that you will choose to travel through your denture journey with DenSureFit right there alongside you. DenSureFit can be your very best denture friend…always dependable, helping you make necessary adjustments as your gums change, yet staying your rock-solid friend-to-the-end. If you are getting immediate dentures, we hope this helps you to understand more about what you might expect. We also hope that DenSureFit will help you greatly in adjusting to immediate dentures.

More questions? Call or email DenSureFit!
You may call us at 844-682-3368 with any questions or to discuss your particular situation. You may also send an email via our website. To order DenSureFit and for more info, click here.

© 2019-2022 DenSureFit and OTC Dental. Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.
© 2019-2022 DenSureFit and OTC Dental.

Designed & Developed by Stellar Nine.

IMPORTANT! DenSureFit is not a substitute for a professional reline from your dentist. It is for temporary use only until a dentist can be seen. Long-term use of this product and similar products may lead to bone loss, continuing irritation, sores or other problem. NOT FOR USE on flexible nylon-based denture bases such as Flexite® or Valplast.®

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