Well fitting dentures are the best feeling in the world.

In this video, Bill explains the difference between the adjustment periods in the morning when putting in your dentures. If your dentures do not fit correctly or you have to use adhesive, you will have an adjustment period every morning putting the dentures in. If you are adhesive free you should not have an adjustment period at all.


DenSureFit uses SILICONE, not adhesive. Our silicone liner provides SUCTION for a better fit, not stickiness.

DenSureFit requires NO daily application or removal. DenSureFit stays in your denture for weeks or months, depending on the individual. Simply peel DenSureFit out when you wish to change it.

DenSureFit does not drip down the back of the throat. DenSureFit stays soft, supple and firm in your denture no matter how much eating, drinking or speaking you do.


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