a soft Flexible Silicone Denture Reline Kit alternative to denture adhesive

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Is DenSureFit?

  • DenSureFit® is a temporary soft denture reline kit designed to reduce or even eliminate the need for denture adhesive.
  • Use this product to temporarily improve the comfort and fit of your denture.
  • DenSureFit® uses a natural-colored self-setting soft silicone.
  • As it cures, it adheres to your denture and conforms to your gums and roof of mouth.
  • This customized suction creates a fit that is tight and secure.

Should Use DenSureFit?

  • Denture wearers (full or partials) who are between professional relines and who normally use denture adhesive, cushions, pads or over-the-counter reliners
  • New denture wearers experiencing looseness as swelling subsides (Use DenSureFit® only AFTER your dentist has inserted your tissue conditioner.)
  • People suffering from soreness on gums from dentures

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  • DenSureFit uses SILICONE, not adhesive. Our silicone liner provides SUCTION for a better fit, not stickiness. CUSTOMIZED suction is created when DenSureFit silicone self-cures on your denture while it MOLDS to the shape of your mouth. The silicone liner stays soft, supple and firm in your denture. Our silicone (vinyl polysiloxane) is the same soft reline material widely used by dentists for soft relines in their offices.
  • DenSureFit requires NO daily application or removal. Adhesives require daily (sometimes even multiple) application. Adhesive sticks to your gums, the roof of your mouth and your denture. Removal can be time-consuming and tedious requiring the user to scrape it off the roof of their mouth and scrub it out of the denture. DenSureFit stays in your denture for weeks or months, depending on the individual. DenSureFit is a self-curing silicone which conforms to the shape of your mouth and stays in your denture for weeks or months. Simply peel DenSureFit out when you wish to change it.
  • DenSureFit does not drip down the back of the throat. Adhesives can liquefy and drip down the back of the throat, especially after drinking warm liquids and eating. DenSureFit silicone does not change its state after curing. It stays soft, supple and firm in your denture no matter how much eating, drinking or speaking you do.
  • DenSureFit is dependable. With adhesives, your denture can become loose in the middle of meals and important occasions. Because it is a silicone and not an adhesive, DenSureFit stays put. The silicone stays soft, supple and firm through all your eating, drinking and speaking.

How is DenSureFit® DIFFERENT from other over-the-counter RELINERS?

  • DenSureFit uses SILICONE that stays soft and supple in your denture. It is the same type of silicone used widely be dentists for soft relines in their offices. Other products use a smelly powder and liquid which need to be hand-mixed. The liner can become hard in the denture making it uncomfortable and difficult to remove. DenSureFit stays soft and supple and peels out when you wish to remove it.
  • DenSureFit requires NO mixing. Other reliners require mixing of a liquid and a powder that can be messy and lumpy. DenSureFit’s innovative patented self-mixing applicator does the work for you. It mixes the smooth translucent pink silicone in the special mixing tip which you apply directly into your denture.
  • DenSureFit has no unpleasant taste or odor. Other products can have an unpleasant taste and odor. For some users of other over-the-counter reliners, that unpleasant lingering taste lasts for many hours or even days. DenSureFit is odorless and tasteless. Simply apply and enjoy your day!
  • DenSureFit has NO thermo-chemical heat reaction. Other products can cause burning sensation inside the mouth as it cures. This is because of a thermo-chemical heat reaction that takes place when their liquid and powder are mixed. Other over-the-counter reliners even suggest putting the solution into the freezer to “cool” it down before inserting into the mouth! Not so with DenSureFit. DenSureFit uses a special mixing tip to activate the silicone.

Why Use DenSureFit?

an INNOVATIVE alternative to denture adhesive

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  • Ron

    They feel comfortable. I can talk. My teeth aren't popping out.

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  • Sharon

    Works well! I love it! They feel soft, nice, and they are staying! It doesn't ...

  • Ron

    They are not popping out! I couldn't have a conversation if I didn't have glue ...

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