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Video Submissions


Sheila had dentures for a year before using DenSureFit. Within that first year, her dentist had performed one soft and hard reline on her upper, but her dentures still fit very poorly. Her upper was especially loose.


Grant is a fit, active and athletic man with a wife and five-year-old daughter. He is a salesman in a fast-paced work environment. Grant was a new denture wearer when he started using DenSureFit.


Deborah has had dentures for 7 years, but stopped wearing her dentures 2 years prior to her DenSureFit denture reline kit trial. Her dentures were covered by her Medicaid insurance plan. Her first reline was covered as well.


Bill has been wearing dentures since 1957. “That’s a long time to deal with the rollercoaster of tight dentures to lose dentures,” he says. “I dislike going to the dentist so much, plus it’s so expensive.


Cheryl started wearing dentures in 2013. At first, they fit, but as weeks went by, they became loose. She started using adhesives to secure her denture, but greatly disliked the tedious removal off her gums at the end of each day.


Kathryn has been wearing her upper denture since 2008. At the time of trying DenSureFit, she had never had a professional reline. She reports that she has never been happy with her denture because it never fit correctly from the start.


Robin had been wearing dentures for 10 years before she started using DenSureFit. Her last reline had been more than 8 years previous. Robin was securing her upper plate with powder adhesive and was applying it 1-2x daily.


Mary had her dentures for only one month when she started using DenSureFit. She had not yet had a reline. Her sockets were completely healed, but she had the normal consistent decrease of swelling associated with the first 6 months after oral surgery.


Valerie was wearing dentures for 4 years at the time of her first using DenSureFit. She had had a hard reline a year before her trial. She was wearing her upper in public only, but was irritated constantly by them moving around all the time.


Steve had his dentures for 3 years when he started using DenSureFit. He was wearing his upper denture regularly and kept it in with denture adhesive. “Takes me 30 minutes to get the glue off my gums,” he complained.


Teri had been wearing dentures for 7 years when she tried DenSureFit. She had never had a reline stating that her insurance plan did not cover it and she simply could not afford one.

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