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Kathryn has been wearing her upper denture since 2008. At the time of trying DenSureFit, she had never had a professional reline. She reports that she has never been happy with her denture because it never fit correctly from the start.

Kathryn did not wear her denture very often because the only way she could keep it in was to use adhesive. For special occasions, she would wear it and keep it in with adhesive. Her number one complaint: scraping the glue off the roof of her mouth and her gums. So, for on special occasions only she would deal with it. “Plus, adhesive didn’t even work that well,” Kathryn said. “When I tried to eat with them, food would get under my denture and then they would get loose right in the middle of my meal. Embarrassing. It was just easier to eat very soft foods without dentures at home than it was to worry about all the issues that I had to deal with when eating out.”

At the time of this writing, Kathryn has been using DenSureFit for 1 1/2 years. She wears her denture daily and eats with them in for every meal. “No more baby food,” she exclaimed. “Now I eat whatever I want!”

Kathryn was able to obtain a snug fit with her very first application. She kept it in for four months before removing and reapplying. “It forms a great seal, so now I do not get food in between my mouth and my denture,” she reports. “I can’t believe it. I can wear my dentures now and I don’t even need adhesive!”

From:    Kathryn

Durango, CO

To:          OTC Dental

Re:         My experience

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I got my dentures in somewhere around 2008.  I have never been in for a Reline, and they have never quite fit right.  I always assumed that was how they are, and just assumed that Denture adhesive is sold for this reason…part of the “punishment” of having dentures.

When I found Den Sure Fit, my life changed.  No more do I have to scrape glue from the roof of my mouth, or just tolerate loose fitting dentures.  No appointment, I took care of it at home, at my convenience.  I can eat things now that I couldn’t before, without worry or concern.  They fit with a seal and suction that gives great confidence.

I cannot imagine going back to a life without Den Sure Fit.  Thank you!!!


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