Eugene, OR 50 something full upper/full lower unstable upper/doesn’t wear lower/sores on tongue

Robin had been wearing dentures for 10 years before she started using DenSureFit. Her last reline had been more than 8 years previous. Robin was securing her upper plate with powder adhesive and was applying it 1-2x daily.

She was not wearing her lower plate at all because it was so loose that even adhesive would not keep it in.

Upon her first application of DenSureFit on her upper, she was able to obtain a secure, snug fit. “It’s perfect without using adhesive,” she said.

Robin did, however, over-trim the flashing on the back edge of her upper, leaving her with a blunt which felt uncomfortable. To rectify it, Robin applied a bead of vps on the edge, seated and cured. As a result, the back edge was nicely feathered. No trimming was necessary.

On first application of DenSureFit on her lower denture, Robin obtained a much-improved fit. “It’s still a little loose on the bottom, but so much better,” she reported. She began wearing her bottom denture for the first time in years and began eating with it as well. “Eating is great! I’m eating food that I haven’t eaten in a very long time! Plus, the sores on my tongue are healed and gone! With a better fit, they don’t move around, so I don’t get the sores.”

Robin has adjusted the way she applies the vps to her denture. “When they first told me that ‘less is more’, I didn’t really understand what that meant. Now I get it. I put just enough in my denture, but not too much. Now I do not ever need to trim.” Robin continues to be a very happy DenSureFit user.

No need to keep your mouth shut.