Huntington Beach, CA 40 something unstable upper denture

Grant is a fit, active and athletic man with a wife and five-year-old daughter. He is a salesman in a fast-paced work environment. Grant was a new denture wearer when he started using DenSureFit. He had only had his dentures for 5 months and had experienced a significant reduction in swelling after his tooth extractions. This resulted in very loose dentures, yet it was not time for another reline with his dentist.

About a week after his surgery, Grant’s dentist performed a soft reline, but Grant complained that only one week after, he already needed another reline. It was then that he started using Polygrip adhesive. Since then, he has struggled with the typical issues associated with using adhesive. “I’m just too young to have to deal with all of this denture mess,” he says. “I’ve got a wife, a baby, a great job and I like to play sports. I can’t be taking the time to remove and reapply adhesive during the day, nor the time at night to scrub it out. Plus, it’s pretty embarrassing when I’m talking to a customer and all of the sudden my dentures are falling out of my mouth! My gums are constantly shrinking and I can’t go around getting professional relines every month! I need to simplify my daily routine to make more room for the important things and people in my life.”

When  Grant tried DenSureFit, he was amazed at how quick and easy it was. “This stuff is great,” he said. “I’m really surprised at how easy it was. And that there was no taste or odor. My dentures fit like I just got a reline from my dentist!”

Grant uses DenSureFit after his professional relines no longer feel snug. “After a professional reline, my dentures will eventually get a little loose again. I just prime and squirt some DenSureFit into the places where I need it, and they fit nicely again. I change it out every 9 weeks or so, but it sure helps me out until it is time for my next professional reline. I use one applicator about every 4 1/2 to 5 months, so 2 kits last me more than a year.”

Since using DenSureFit, Grant has been able to feel comfortable and confident in front of his customers. He has been able to streamline his personal routine to make more time to play basketball, to play with his daughter, and to go on dates with his wife.

“I tell everybody who I know wears dentures about this product,” Grant says. “There’s just no reason for any denture wearer to suffer anymore!”

No need to keep your mouth shut.