Las Vegas, NV 50 something full upper denture

Cheryl started wearing dentures in 2013. At first, they fit, but as weeks went by, they became loose. She started using adhesives to secure her denture, but greatly disliked the tedious removal of her gums at the end of each day. After six months, her dentist performed a hard reline on her denture and she was hopeful that they would fit properly. They did, for a few weeks. Then the looseness started again and her denture rocked back and forth in her mouth resulting in a sore spot on her palate.

Over the next 6 months, Cheryl started using adhesives again, experimenting with a variety of brands. One didn’t hold. The other was extremely difficult to remove off her gums. She disliked the oozing mess of all brands.

Eventually, Cheryl stopped using adhesive altogether.  “It is just more mess and trouble than its worth,” she commented. Determining the perfect amount to apply was challenging: apply just enough to make it hold, but not too much so that it oozes out. Trying to eat with adhesive was useless.  It seemed to disappear after eating a few bites of food, and her dentures would get loose right in the middle of meals. The taste and feel was very unpleasant. And the tedious removal of the glue off her gums was just not worth it because she felt it didn’t even work well to begin with.

Cheryl also stopped wearing her denture most of the time. If there was a special occasion or if she needed to leave the house, she would put them in and would try to keep them in for a few hours without using adhesive. She would remove them when she returned home. She opted to eat without them rather than dealing with adhesive. Cheryl estimated that she was only wearing her denture approximately 2 days per week. Wearing her denture only 2 days per week resulted in a continuation of the sore on her palate.

After struggling with her denture for one year, Cheryl was given the opportunity to try DenSureFit. She could achieve a snug fit on the first application and kept the initial application in for 3 months before peeling it out and reapplying a new one.

Cheryl has been enjoying life changing benefits from using DenSureFit.

  • The sore on her palate healed because of the soft cushioning and snug fit of the silicone.
  • Food no longer gets between her denture and her mouth because of a suctioned seal
  • Her diet has changed drastically for the better. Cheryl can now eat any food she wants with her denture, including raw carrots, lettuce, corn on the cob and popcorn. She reports that she has been able to any and every food that she has tried.
  • Cheryl’s self-confidence has returned. She confidently goes out in public, smiles and eats in public.
  • Cheryl says that she will get another professional reline because now she will actually wear her denture afterward. It will not be a waste of precious money.

“It’s a godsend,” Cheryl enthusiastically states. “My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore!”

No need to keep your mouth shut.