Springfield, OR 30 something unstable full upper/full lower not wearable

Valerie was wearing dentures for 4 years at the time of her first using DenSureFit. She had had a hard reline a year before her trial. She was wearing her upper in public only, but was irritated constantly by them moving around all the time. She refused to use adhesive. “I’ve tried everything out there. It’s just more mess than its worth,” she explained.

Valerie’s first application of DenSureFit made her upper denture very snug and no further adjustments were necessary in the following months. “They are doing great! No issues at all on top. At first, I was worried that I might damage the silicone when washing, but I just do a shorter soak and a light brushing. It is completely fine.”

Valerie’s lower denture was extremely shallow and the original fit was so poor that not even adhesive would keep it in. After an application of DenSureFit she still is not able to wear them. “It’s okay. I realize that I just really need a new denture. Period,” she conceded. “But I’m still incredibly happy. My upper denture is very snug and I don’t even need to use adhesive!”

No need to keep your mouth shut.