Las Vegas, NV 50 something Full upper, unstable upper

Case Study:

Deborah has had dentures for 7 years, but stopped wearing her dentures 2 years prior to her DenSureFit trial. Her dentures were covered by her Medicaid insurance plan. Her first reline was covered as well. After that, she was not able to afford any more.

After Deborah’s first reline, her dentures quickly became loose again, a normal result of decrease in swelling. She wore denture adhesive for a time, but the process of applying, reapplying and cleaning was more than she was willing to put up with. Also, the steady dripping down her throat made her feel constantly sick. When asked why she never tried any over-the-counter soft relines, she explained that she was afraid she would do it wrong.

As a result, Deborah just stopped wearing her dentures altogether. She also stopped eating solid food. When we met with Deborah, she had not eaten any solid food in 2 years and was very much ready for a change.

“This is wonderful!” Deborah said after inserting her new DenSureFit denture.

She needed to use 1 1/2 applicators of material. “I sure wish I had this years ago.”

Deborah’s dentist urged her to visit him for a professional reline, which she finally did. “The reason that I spent the money on a professional reline this time was because I know that when my dentures get wiggly again after the reline, I’m going to be able to apply DenSureFit. So now it is worth it for me to spend the money on a reline. I feel great knowing that I’ll be able to continue to wear my dentures even after my professional reline gets loose. It just makes sense, now.”

Deborah continues to use DenSureFit and to eat solid foods. She also visits her dentist for professional relines.

No need to keep your mouth shut.