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Bill has been wearing dentures since 1957. “That’s a long time to deal with the rollercoaster of tight dentures to lose dentures,” he says. “I dislike going to the dentist so much, plus it’s so expensive. I pay $500 for x-rays and a cleaning, and then by the time I add in the cost of my reline, I walk out of there spending $1,600.”

Bill was getting professional relines approximately every 5–7 years and found that he experiences looseness about 1 1/2 years after a reline. Because he’s had his dentures for so long, he does not get a large amount of looseness now, just enough to where he must use a minimal amount of denture adhesive to keep his dentures in. “It’s just too difficult for me to come up with all that money for more regular relines on my very limited budget, even though my dentist is always urging me to have them done more frequently,” he explains.

When Bill first tried DenSureFit, he had not had a professional reline for 3 years. His dentures were minimally loose, just enough to where he had to use a couple tubes of adhesive every month. “If this helps my loose dentures fit snugly without adhesive, I’m going to be so happy,” he said.

After relining his upper denture with DenSureFit, Bill commented, “This is amazing! My dentures fit perfectly again! I’m eating a steak tonight!” One applicator of DenSureFit filled the voids in his denture.

After 30 days, Bill still had the same application of DenSureFit in his dentures. “Still doing great! I am so happy!” Bill continues to use DenSureFit. His dentist continues to urge him to get relines more frequently.

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