Eugene, OR 60 something unstable full upper/lower partial unwearable

Mary had her dentures for only one month when she started using DenSureFit. She had not yet had a reline. Her sockets were completely healed, but she had the normal consistent decrease of swelling associated with the first 6 months after oral surgery. “When I first got my denture and my partial, everything fit great! But then, they started getting loose. I don’t wear my lower at all. For the upper, I’m trying out different types of adhesives and cushions, but I really can’t find anything that I like or that works.” During the first month after receiving her dentures, Mary had used 1 tube of adhesive.

“When I first looked at the name DenSureFit, I thought, ‘Wow! That sounds like exactly what I hope it will do!’”

Mary only applied DenSureFit in her upper denture. “This feels great,” she exclaimed. “It holds in place and it was fast and easy!” When asked if there was another dental product that she wishes someone would make, she said, “No! This is HUGE! This solves my issue!”

Three days after her initial application of DenSureFit, Mary reported that her denture was still snug, but she wished they were a little more snug like they were 3 days before.

OTC Dental explained to Mary that this was normal and expected. As inflammation is reduced, a little looseness is expected. Mary was instructed to add a little more silicone on top of her previous application, bite firmly and hold for 4 minutes. She did, and her fit is snug and secure.

No need to keep your mouth shut.